Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Keeping little hands busy...

Thank you Pinterest for your amazing ideas on how to better serve my family! My rambunctious 10 month old is rarely satisfied for long, growing weary of this I turned to Pinterest for some suggestions. The two that were the fastest and easiest were the ones I chose. Here we have the easy peasy remove straws from bottle and put back in the bottle. Originally I just shoved the straws in and called it good but baby girl had way to easy of a time pulling them out by the handful. Simple fix, cut straws to height of bottle place back inside and quickly give back to the screaming child! 

Your child may figure it out on their own, but I needed to show her how to put the straws back in the bottle so i didn't have to... After all what good is a "keep little hands busy project" if mom has to continually run over to fill the bottle back up with straws. She figured it out very quickly with just a little instruction from mom.

The second idea was just a simple but a little bit more rewarding visually. Take a Ziploc bag squeeze a couple different paints inside(I did this in thirds and was careful not to let the paints mix too much in this stage),tape the ends of the bag closed then tape the whole thing to a window a child can reach. Ember was actually more impressed with the bottle and straw game then the window painting. Her four year old sister stayed entertained by it more the she has and has requested her own. The girls entertained and happy at the same time, that's considered a win-win in my book any day!

Looking pretty excited about mamas little window creation!

I hope this post finds you well and in good spirits. Hope you have just as good of luck entertaining the little hands in your life with these simple go-to ideas! 

Peace and Love, 

*** Important sidenote, I always link up to whatever blog I pull things from, but I am writing this from my cell phone and so will have to do that later when my computer is not causing me such havoc. You can also check out my Pinterest  board Kidscorner which is where most of my kid craft ideas are stored. More likely than not both of these are there...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DIY Bleach Pen with Stencil

Alright people if you haven't tried the DIY bleach pen designs on your clothes yet then you are missing out! I have seen some DIY's on the internet that walk you step by step through the process, this is not that blog...not for sheer laziness on my part. Not exactly, I would be lying if I didn't admit that to be a contributing factor, the full truth is that it is just so easy a full tutorial would seem offensive to your intellect. ;-) 

Pretty huh! Simply lay your stencil down(work in a well ventilated space folks) on your dark cotton fabric, make sure you put some cardboard in-between your fabric so it doesn't bleed, stipple and smear till you see full coverage, pull stencil straight up carefully and viola! If your impatient like me you'll have a blow dryer handy so you can see the results even faster! 

I told you easy and with some WOW factor!

My awesome stencil from hobby lobby, love that place!

A little free hand action on my leggings.

Sorry for the un-edited pictures, thats the sheer laziness kicking in... I'm a busy mama, what can I say. Hope you enjoyed this "tutorial", if you need more then what I offer (I wont hold it against you) then check out this gal... Also I have yet to try this but I guess you can make your own bleach pen, the name brand stuff is pricey and goes fast, especially if your like me and start bleaching everything in site!

Monday, April 1, 2013

A Little Bit of This A Little Bit of That

As I was scanning through my photos deciding which one would dictate the direction of my blog post I was inspired! I inspired myself oddly enough, my photo album looked like a Pinterest board. There were photographs of food, crafts, sew projects, outdoor activities, photo sessions and so on. I couldn't pick just one so I decided to mish mash(yes spellcheck I know thats not a word) a post together. Here it is, if anyone would like a tutorial or recipe to delve deeper let me know, I'm happy to oblige.

Took in dress, shortened and added details, fit for a princess...

Crustless breakfast quiche, my triangle of meatless quiche....so good!

This picture is awful but this meal divine, recipe will follow because its too good not to share!

A collage I am proud to re-post ;-)

Turquoise toes and a needle felted floor pillow made by yours truly, I'm stoked about the outcome of the felted top but the sewing is lacking. Sewing lessons are on the to do list. 

Kale-2lg leaves, beets-1 w/tops,carrots-4, apple-2,celery-2,lemon-1/2,ginger-sm piece... Juice!

Phyllo wrapped asparagus with a horseradish mustard sauce, delicious!http://freshcatering.blogspot.com/2007/01/asparagus-phyllo-appetizers.html

A winter hike with my sweet girl...

DIY hair treatment

Another collage

Chakra Art

Warm bit of tasty sunshine on a cold winters day.

DIY felted doll clothes...I found this after the I made mine, great link! http://fromdahliastodoxies.blogspot.com/2011/11/diy-felt-dress-up-dolls.html

Homemade vitamin water, drink up...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Mixed Media Art

I've collaged as long as I can remember, but I've always had a hard time sharing it with the world around me. Collage and mixed media often feels like cheating or stealing, taking bits and pieces of other people's work and pasting them to yours. Recently however I have come to terms with this and see it more as collective sharing, a bit of me meets a piece of you. It is actually quite beautiful. Happy cutting and pasting people...

                                                                   Detail shot...

                                                      Mixed Media: The Godess Within

  My soon to be 4 year old's work, I'm loving it!

This is Dylan's inspired work, I should have asked her for the Titles...stay tuned for update.


Peace and Love,

-Gypsy Moments

Friday, November 30, 2012

Ember Quinn

Whoever has some please share...

Our bundle of sweet joy was born three MOoNs ago on the seventeenth of August, 2012. She is growing before my eyes, literally, I can never put her down dost she protest! I know this time is fleeting so I try not to mind that my shoulders ache, I get kicked all night, I am a personal milk maid and there is never time to take a shower. Ember Quinn our sweet baby, and sweet is an understatement, as long as mommy is holding her or in the same room that is. I am a big believer in letting the child teach you how to mother them( to a point of course), and I am pleased to listen. My two youngest have been so different in their infancy, one thing that remains the same is my utter amazement in their perfection and the knowledge that LoVe is infinite as is our hearts ability to hold it. This child oozes a kindness and a goodness, I am honored she chose me as her mother...

7lbs 15oz and 21inches

First family photo

Great Grandpa Frank and Ember have the same birthday!

So new...

So in love...